My title

Nonprofit website design

This is a conceptual project, where I created a style guide and website layout for a nonprofit organization. The project includes a “style tile”, and three pages: Home, About Us and Blog layout.

My intent is to continue this project and create an HTML/CSS template that can also be repurposed as a WordPress theme.


Mobile responsive website




Adobe XD

Attracting donors & volunteers

The project was a conceptual study into how to achieve the goals of non-profit and charity websites by presenting information to entice prospective donors to give money, highlighting volunteer opportunities and representing the nonprofit in social media.

A high-performing nonprofit website should speak to the online donor and their expected process, knowing when and why they make their donations. The website is the first portal into your world, and donors only give money to organizations they trust.


How to building trust through quality content:

  • Use information architecture to prioritize your content
  • Determine what critical content is included on other nonprofit and charity websites
  • Decide how to present the information clearly
  • Provide the most important information donors and volunteers want to know before getting involved
  • Present information in a way that persuades people to donate