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Holiday marketing campaign

The objective of this project was to create a unique and engaging email campaign for a global construction company.

I crafted a holiday-themed email teaser and microsite to serve as the landing page for the entire campaign. In the spirit of giving, the site is filled with a long list of healthy tips and resources, styled like an advent calendar. Each day a new tip was revealed, creating a more authentic connection with potential customers, and building confidence in the brand.



DPR Construction


Design, Marketing, Web Development

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Healthy Nudge Holiday Campaign

Increasing sales leads

DPR Construction sent around an email to its customers, using the opportunity to talk about its recent healthy workplaces campaign — and prompting readers to consider making healthier choices in the workplace, one nudge at a time. 

The timing for this sort of marketing is impeccable. The new year is synonymous with making resolutions, and DPR used this email to harness that energy, redirecting attention to a landing page that helps people find simple, healthy tips. 

The site also offers a free copy of the book ‘The Healthy Workplace Nudge’ — a helpful tool for their target audience and extremely relevant to their commercial office product, proving itself to be a really valuable lead generation strategy for them.

By the end of January, the campaign had generated:

  • 60,000+ organic visits to the website
  • 7,000+ net-new leads for sales to work
  • 500+ sales opportunities (that the sales team generated from the 7k leads)
  • $50 million in net-new customer lifetime value