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Website Registration & Hosting Agreement

YOUR AGREEMENT: By using the Services, you agree to all terms and conditions of this Agreement; ICANN Policies, as published from time to time at; any rules, agreements, or policies of any registry of a relevant top-level domain name; the UDRP (defined below); the URS (defined below); and any rules, policies, or agreements of any relevant government. You explicitly agree that violation or refusal to comply with any ICANN policy is a violation of this Agreement and may result in immediate termination of this Agreement.

Domain Name Registration & Ownership 

1.1 Registration

The Provider will register (if needed) and bill the Client for a suitable domain name and possible variations of the domain name (with Client approval) for the project website. The domain name and any variations will remain the sole property of the Client both during the term of this Agreement, upon termination of this Agreement and thereafter. 

1.2 Ownership

The Client will retain full ownership of and all rights to any domain name registered, and is responsible for renewing and updating the domain name. The Provider will not obtain any rights to the domain name or variations over time, nor upon the termination of this Agreement or thereafter.

1.3 Exclusions

We are not responsible to determine whether the domain name(s) you select, or the use you or others make of the domain name(s), or other use of the Services, infringes legal rights of others. It is your responsibility to know whether or not the domain name(s) you select or use or allow others to use infringe legal rights of others.

Managed WordPress Hosting

2.1 The Project website will be hosted on an annual basis by the Provider or by a third-party hosting company engaged by the Provider. Provider, at its option, may obtain website hosting services from a third-party provider and maintain such hosting service throughout the term of the Agreement. Provider will be responsible for the cost of such website hosting services. 

2.2 Hosting Subcontract

The Provider will not be liable for hosting errors caused by the hosting company or downtime experienced by the hosting company. Where a third-party hosting company is used the company may schedule regular maintenance of the server or servers and this may affect the hosting and availability of the Project website. Such maintenance is necessary for the smooth running of the web site. Where possible such maintenance will be carried out when the website is not busy.

2.3 Expiration and Renewal of Services

It is your responsibility to keep your own records and to maintain your own reminders regarding when your domain name registration or other Services are set to expire. With respect to website hosting services, we will email a renewal notification approximately one (1) month and approximately one (1) week prior to each such hosting plan’s expiration. 

2.4 Operation of Website

The website will be operational and available twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, three hundred sixty-five days per year, excluding down time due to scheduled and emergency maintenance and other outages, and will utilize software and equipment deemed appropriate by Provider to ensure the security of the site. 

2.5 License to Provider

Client hereby grants to Provider, a non-exclusive license to use any of Client’s information to the extent reasonably necessary to perform Provider’s obligations under this Agreement. Provider will retain all ownership in and to any of the Intellectual Property (as defined herein) associated with any materials or information provided by Provider in connection with the website. 

2.6 Intellectual Property

Client shall own the Intellectual Property rights in and to the project website, and any other software and the website. All rights in the data and information stored by the Client (“Client Property”) and used by Provider in connection with the registration and hosting services shall remain the sole and exclusive property of Client, and Provider shall have a non-exclusive, license to use any of Client’s information to the extent reasonably necessary to perform Provider’s obligations under the Agreement.