My title
Mission statement

To help business owners and nonprofits connect with their audience through thoughtful design, modern technology and digital communication.

About Swatch Junkie

Hi, I’m Bernadette, and I run the show here at Swatch Junkie!

I’m a yoga loving, design obsessed, proud business owner on a mission to show overwhelmed entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations that working with a designer can be stress-free, streamlined, empowering and fun!

In my 15+ years of working in the design industry, I’ve heard wayyy too many negative past experiences of working with professional designers. And, to be honest, from my time spent working in-house and collaborating with agencies on larger projects, I’ve had my fair share of stressful experiences too!

I’m here to change that!

Here’s how we’re different:


Collaboration at our core

Part of what makes Swatch Junkie so nimble, is that we’re comprised of a
network of researchers, strategists, designers, developers and consultants
that tackle projects together.


All-in-one packages

We offer a blend of web design, branding, strategy and copywriting all wrapped up in a neat little package! And if you need ongoing site maintenance or help with content updates, we offer that too. 



All the tools & guidance you need (including personalized video tutorials) that empower you to be confident in using your website and all of your brand elements after your project is finished.

We heard you like freebies...

Do you need help figuring out who your ideal audience is and how to reach them, FO’ FREE?

Silly question, of course you do. Go grab your free workbook and start brainstorming!